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2017 Reviews: San Francisco, Jim Campbell at Hosfelt Gallery

Mangini, Elizabeth. Artforum. December 2017

Public art expected to change San Francisco skyline

Spivack, Cari. November 2, 2017

Poetic Pixelation, Perceptual Politics: Jim Campbell @ Hosfelt

Tanner, Marcia. October 2, 2017

Preview Of Salesforce Sculpture At Hosfelt Gallery

Whiting, Sam. San Francisco Chronicle. September 15, 2017

Expressing to the Unconscious

Bright, Richard. Interalia Magazine. July, 2017

California Today: A Light Installation Atop The Salesforce Tower

McPhate, Mike. New York Times. May 5, 2017

Nation’s Tallest Public Art To Top Salesforce Tower

Whiting, Sam. San Francisco Chronicle. May 4, 2017

2016 Exhibits Inside Soaring Cathedral, Stark Bunkers

Charles, Desmarais. San Francisco Chronicle. December 14, 2016

In San Francisco, Closing the Gap Between Art and Tech

Selz, Gabrielle. Hyper Allergic. January 5, 2016

2015 Light Art Flickers To Life Downtown

Morain, Michael. The Des Moines Register. December 21, 2015

Not Just NEAT, ‘New Experiments in Art and Technology’ Delights

Hotchkiss, Sarah. KQED Arts. November 4, 2015

Las esculturas luminosas de Jim Campbell llegan a la Gran Vía de Madrid

Cuesta, Isabel. El Pais. June 24, 2015

In Conversation With Electronic Artist Jim Campbell

Cappleman, Nicola. The State Of The Arts. June 22, 2015

Laberinto de luz

Lightecture. February 2015

2014 Jim Campbell: Indirect Imaging

Anderson, Darran. Studio International. December 22, 2014

Jim Campbell: Indirect Imaging

Cooper, Neil. The List. December 5, 2014

World-renowned artist unveils first UK solo show in Dundee

Birchenall, Joe. STV Dundee. November 25, 2014

Jim Campbell: Rhythms of Perception

Thompson, Seth. Afterimage Online. July 2014

Reviews: New York, Jim Campbell

McClemont, Doug. ARTnews. June 2014

Philips: The LED Art of Jim Campbell

LeahRae. April 11, 2014

Why Is Jim Campbell’s Low-Res Video Art So Compelling, Even Captivating?

Benjamin, Ashton. Artnet News. April 2, 2014

19 Questions for “Electronic” Artist Jim Campbell

Cooper, Ashton. Blouin ArtInfo. March 31, 2014

Jim Campbell's Sculptural LED Light Installations

Rosenthal, Emerson. March 19, 2014

Pixelated: The LED Art of Jim Campbell

Behringer, David. March 19, 2014

Jim Campbell in NYC

Shin, Nara. March 10, 2014

Artist Jim Campbell Takes Over an S.F. Gallery With Fluttering LEDs

Curiel, Jonathan. SF Weekly. January 1, 2014

2013 Airports For Art Lovers

McCartney, Scott. The Wall Street Journal. September 18, 2013

LED artist has created the 50th piece in the Cowboys Stadium collection

Granberry, Michael. Dallas Morning News. April 27, 2013

That Rumored 12-Megapixel iPhone? Jim Campbell's London Art Installation Outperforms With Just 1000 Pixels.

Keats, Jonathan. Forbes. April 23, 2013

2011 Rethinking Art & Machine: A Second Take on Technology

Rhodes, Richard. CANADIANART. December 8, 2011

Campbell's Dance of Light & Darkness

Baker, Kenneth. San Francisco Chronicle. November 12, 2011

The Mystery of What We See

McQuaid, Cate. The Boston Globe. May 18, 2011

Jim Campbell, Chris Marker, and Eadweard Muybridge

Ho, Stacy. ARTINFO. April 4, 2011

2010 'Watch This!' at Smithsonian's American Art Museum worth a look

O'Sullivan, Michael. The Washington Post. December 16, 2010

Annotated Artwork: The Making of 'Scattered Light'

Siegel, Miranda. New York Magazine. October 31, 2010

Artist Adds Illumination to Madison Square Park

Wall Street Journal. October 23-24, 2010

Jim Campbell with Constance Lewallen

Lewallen, Constance. The Brooklyn Rail. October 2010

Don't adjust your computer monitor

Allen, Mike. The Roanoke Times. September 14, 2010

Light Artist Takes Madison Square Park

Sutton, Benjamin. The L Magazine. September 7, 2010

Jim Campbell's breakthrough LED art

Baker, Kenneth. San Fransisco Chronicle. May 29, 2010

Jim Campbell: New Work

Stromberg, Matt. Art Practical. May, 2010

At the Mattress Factory, artists explore new realms of portraitures

Reigelnegg, Curt. Pittsburgh City Paper. February 18, 2010

2009 Mattress Factory's 'LIKENESS' reflects on artists' visions of themselves

Thomas, Mary. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. October 8, 2009.

Twilight: Landscapes of the Mind

Raymond, David. Art New England (May 2009).

Jim Campbell and Mark Scheeff

Raymond, David. Sculpture 28, 2 (March 2009), pp. 73-74

Looming Dark

Greenleaf, Ken. The Portland Phoenix. January 28, 2009.

2008 Jim Campbell's Mother Board and Father Time

Janku, Laura Richard. Art US 24/25 (Fall/Winter 2008).

Jim Campbell: Home Movies

Morse, Eric. San Francisco Bay Guardian. July 2, 2008, p. 45.

Phantasmagoria: Specters of Absence

White, Amy. Art Papers (May/June) 2008, pp. 44-45.

They Were Just Playing Around: But Experimental Videos From '60s and '70s California Are Now Recognized as Art

Woodward, Richard B. The Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2008, p. W6.

In Wood Street's Text Memory, Technology Pulses With Emotion.

Guz, Savannah. Pittsburgh City Paper. May 8, 2008.

2007 'Home Movies' Not Like the Ones Your Dad Made

Baker, Kenneth. San Francisco Chronicle. April 14, 2007, sec. E, p. 1.

2005 Electronics Artist Campbell Turns His Eye Toward Mass Protests, Echoing Futurists.

Baker, Kenneth. San Francisco Chronicle. February 26, 2005, sec. E, pp. 1,10.